Week 7 Early Photography

October 8 and October 10

PHOTOGRAPHERS (include in your Timeline with links to their works)

Matthew Brady

Dorothea Lange

Leni Riefenshahl

Sebastiao Salgado

Man Ray

Edward S. Curtis

Ansel Adams


DUE: Points of Consideration 4 due Monday Oct 8

Reading pp 107-137, pp. 138-209, 12 Principles of Multimedia

CONTINUE: BRIEF 3 Group Proj 1 and Brief 3.1 (v3 presentation about your concept with an example of work, due Wednesday October 10).  Select, define and present at least 15 of the following TIMELINE TERMS, PERSONS and ERAS

camera obscura

Dean Worcester (Photographer), Bukidnon, Mindanao

visual anthropology

Sitting Bull

Roger Fenton and the Crimean War


negative and positive exposure

wet collodion process

Edward Muybridge




Edward Curtis

The Camera Obscura


The Daguerreotype

The Monochrome Process

The Color Process

Cameras & Lenses

Moving Pictures

Silent and Sound Eras


Golden Age of Film

Animation & Special FX’s

Videotapes & DVD

Mechanical Television

The Iconoscope

The Cathode Ray Tube

Color TV

Broadcast TV

High Definition TV

Kodak Super8mm Digital Film

BEGIN: Points of Consideration 5

VIEW: The telegraph, A History 3 mins