Brief 3.1 Timeline v1

BRIEF 3.1 Timeline Project v1

DUE: Wednesday September 26

DELIVERABLE: Your group presents and prepares a 1 page description of your project (describing how you will produce it and develop it) to be printed and submitted in class.

DELIVERABLE: A 5 minute presentation to the class that demonstrates an example of your digital timeline.

In class:  Demonstrate and explain your group’s digital timeline.  What does it look like? Is it interactive? How are you building and presenting the data on the timeline? Prepare a brief presentation for the class. Post text and images to your WP Site.


For the presentation next week:  I recommend that you develop and present your timeline on two levels—one is the image/text for a specific date and entry (for example, the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense or other event; and another level where you demonstrate how you show or illustrate the sequence of dates over decades or centuries.

Notes about Dates:

The timeline should start no later than 1400 CE.  It must continue to the present day.(2018).  For this Brief 3.1 you should focus on the early years of 1450-1850 CE.  Your future work will develop the data for the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.  You can begin your timeline earlier, to the invention of writing and alphabets if you wish. You are exploring the historical process of technological innovation and inventions that have influenced societal change over centuries.

NOTE: For this Brief 3.1 develop at least 25 technological innovations from 1450-1800 that relate to Communications.  This will form the backbone of future timelines that you will produce.

Eras: In addition to the technologies that emerge on your timeline, show the following eras:


Protestant Reformation

Scientific Revolution

Gutenberg Revolution

Industrial Revolution

American Revolution

English Civil War


Russian Revolution

Digital Revolution

US Civil War



Research the dates that correspond to those eras and integrate this information with your timeline data.