BRIEF 3 TIMELINE Group Project 1

DUE: Wednesday September 26

Demonstrate and explain your digital timeline to the class.  The timeline should start no later than 1400 and must continue to the present day.  You are exploring

History of Printing and Printmaking

The printing press is one of the most powerful inventions in human history, located between the invention of writing and the the emergence of computers.  The ability to print on a mass scale has resulted in the spread of knowledge over vast distances/spaces and over generations of time.  Printing technology has facilitated and molded public opinion for centuries.  Printing and printmaking demonstrate a convergence and evolution of many technologies..  Nothing before the advent of television or radio has reached a greater mass audience.

Group Project 1 Building a Timeline of Multimedia Technologies

Over the course of the next several weeks, your group will be building a historical timeline about the evolving and innovative use of technologies for mass communication from the 15th century to the early 19th century (to the invention of photography).


Use any free digital software tools to make your timeline, including MS Word or other program, but the timeline must be delivered to the class as a web-based resource, posted to your WP site, and presented in class.

Examples of a multi-century timelines can be found at:




  • Step One

Integrate the vocabulary terms and study questions as entries to your timeline. Use your required text to identify other possible entries to your timeline—specific dates or general eras are both useful. For example, when were the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, and Enlightenment? How does the history of science relate to your history of communication in one timeline? Who were William Blake, W.A. Mozart, Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci and what do they have to do with multimedia? Each entry in the timeline should identify what, who, when and where about the factual topic/date.

Your initial goal for this group project will be for to include at least 25-30 entries during the 15th-to 19th centuries, in chronological order. Each entry should pertain to the history of technologies for mass communication.

  • Step Two

Identify at least 3 technological innovations from your timeline for deeper study and more complex presentation on your timeline (links, graphics, more). Produce a powerpoint presentation about each technology and its role in social change.

  • Step Three

Each group member should upload the completed project to their individual WP sites.  Present your Powerpoint to class.