The History of Photography in 5 minutes

The History of Photography 75 minutes (47 mins opening)

Masters of Photography-Alfred Stieglitz 7 mins

Matthew Brady’s Vision 12 minutes

1000 Photos by Matthew Brady 75 minutes

Geronimo 5 minutes

Oldest Native American footage 5 mins

Votes for Women: A History in Photographs 10 mins

Black Women in Photography 3 minutes

100 Best Historical Photos (Multimedia)

War and Ethnographic Photography 22 minutes

Woman and Time: Leni Riefenshahl 12 mins

Ansel Adams: A Documentary (83 minutes)

Ansel Adams 21 mins

Man Ray and the Rayograph 4 minutes

Photographer Man Ray 52 minutes to Marcel Duchamp chess

Dorothea Lange 38 minutes

Sebastiao Salgado 15 minutes

TED Talk The Silent Drama of Photography (15 mins)

The World of W. Eugene Smith 15 mins

Edward Curtis’ Life and Photography 10 mins

Edward Curtis Photography Exhibit 8.30 mins

Edward Curtis Wiki

Edward Curtis: Photographing the North American Indian 5 mins


Eames Polaroid SX-70 11 mins

Eames Comunication Primer 22 mins

Eames Catalog 3 mins


Neil Postman Technopoly 10 mins

Neil Postman Amusing Ourselves to Death 30 mins