Week 5 The emergence of newspapers and hegemony of print media corporations and moguls


Printing and Printmaking since the 15th century includes:

  1. Illustrated Manuscripts
  2. Movable Type & the Printing Press
  3. Newspapers & Magazines
  4. Graphic Novels & Comics
  5. Books

Be able to express in writing and speaking what is your definition of these concepts as we consider and research the influence of Printing/Printmaking on human society:



Abstract thinking and creative thought

EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION: In your own words, please describe how do the concepts of individualism, objectivity, abstract thinking/ creative thought relate to the evolution of printing since the 15th century to the present (?)



September 24 and 26

NOTE: After reading some of your work, I am concerned that some of you are struggling with academic research, reading and writing.  I may ask you to rewrite some of your POCs and other Briefs if I perceive there are problems that can be resolved.  Each student has a different level of understanding and skills.  Feel free to contact me if you are concerned about your writing skills at this time.

DUE Monday: Points of Consideration 2 Printing

CONTINUE: BRIEF 3 Group Proj 1 and Brief 3.1 (Presentation about your concept with an example of work, due Wednesday September 26).

BEGIN: Reading pp 107-137 Points of Consideration 3 due Monday Oct 1


READING: Assigned Readings: Revolution in Communications Pp. 17-66, Pp. 67-104, pp. 107-137, pp. 138-190.

READING: Inca Mailmen and Quipu

READING: From Gutenberg to the Internet 

READING: The invention of the printing press and its effects  (text)

VIEW: MULTIMEDIA Example: POWERPOINT The Impact of the Printing Press


The story of newspapers 3 mins

Newspapers 43 mins (Soviet news/Telestar @ 44mins

The Penny Press 3 mins

Blood and Ink: Hearst and Pulitzer 10 mins

Hearst v Pulitzer (72 mins)