POC 2 Printing 2

Points of Consideration 02 

25 points 

Reading: Revolutions in Communication, pp.17-105

Respond briefly to each question. Briefly define each vocabulary term. Perfectly follow these guidelines for a written paper.


What topics did muckraking magazines and newspapers seek to reform during the early 20th century?

What role did the press play during World War I?

How did the Soviet Union (a.k.a. Russia between 1917–1991) treat the press?

How did Germany treat the press during the Nazi era and World War II?

What topics did the Black Press cover that was ignored by the mainstream, white-owned press?

How did the press’s coverage of the Vietnam War affect US public opinion in the conflict?

What are some factors for the decline of newspapers since the 1950s?


Bolo Pasha


Pentagon Papers

Chicago Defender



Hutchins Commission

NY Times v. Sullivan (1964)

Reich Press Law

investigative journalism

Office of Public Information

US Espionage Act

Helen Thomas

Iran-Contra Affair

Watergate Scandal