Week 12 Film, TV, Computers

November 12 and 14

DUE: Points of Consideration 9

POST: Monday, November 12 (25 points)

Timeline: Wednesday, November 14 (25 points)

NOTE: I will assess and evaluate each student’s TIMELINE on each website during WEEKs 12 and 13 (25 points).

BEGIN: Points of Consideration 10 (due Monday Nov 26 Week 14)

READ/VIEW: Daniel Berehulak, 2017 Pulitzer Prize (view the award-winning work)

CONTINUE: B1 v4 Why do I study the history of multimedia? (due/posted Monday Nov 19)

NOTE: B1v4 is due Monday Nov 19 as a PDF post to your website.  The file/link must be easily accessible to me (a visitor).  We have no class on Monday Nov 19.  Post your B1 v4 on your website as a PDF document on or before Nov 19.  I will read and assess the PDF on TUESDAY Nov 20. (25 points)

CONTINUE: Reading complete text (Hovarik)

CONTINUE: Timeline: Creative, scholarly and technical development of project

CONTINUE: Extra Credit Projects