POC 9 Radio, Film and Television

DUE: Printed, POC 9 Monday November 12

DUE: Integration of data into Timeline, Wednesday November 14

50 points.  This POC 9 is slightly different than other POC’s and it is worth 50 points and requires more work.  Please ask if you have questions.


1) You are to read and research each question, then build a response and short answer, printing as usual (25 points).

2) Define each vocabulary term and each filmmaker.

3) Integrate a significant proportion of all this data into your Timeline.

Remember, the written component is worth 25 points and the integration of data into your Timeline is worth 25 points.


What is line of sight?  Illustrate your definition.

What is the main disadvantage of AM radio?

Define amplitude and frequency.  Describe differences between the two.

What were some of the predecessors to electronic television in the 1930s?

What is the difference between the kinescope and an iconoscope?

What were some key reasons for the explosive growth of television in the 1950s?

What policies did the FCC enact in the early years of television’s development after World War II?

What were some of the effects of the FCC’s freeze on new television licenses between 1948 and 1952?

How did the launching of communication satellites in the 1970s expand the available offerings on television?

How has television been deregulated since the 1980s? What is the primary rationale that has been used for this approach to television policy?


Define each term and name.

NOTE Include at least 7 of these terms and names in your TIMELINE

Children’s Television Act, 1990

Philo T. Farnsworth

Steve Allen

Johnny Carson

Dick Cavett

Community Antenna TV

Public Television Act, 1967

direct broadcast satellite TV

See it Now

Fairness Doctrine Senator

Joseph McCarthy

FCC Freeze


Walter Cronkite

mechanical television

Vast Wasteland

Newton Minow

World’s Fair, New York, 1939

FILMMAKERS FOR TIMELINE (define each briefly, view their works, include at least 10 in your Timeline:

Georges Melies

Walt Disney

Sergei Eisenstein

D.W. Griffith

Slavko Vorkapich

Charlie Chaplin

Erich von Stroheim

F.W. Murnau

Fritz Lang

Alfred Hitchcock

Frank Capra

John Ford

William Wyler

Howard Hawks

Peter Lorre

Xiang Yimou

Satijayat Ray

Abbas Kiarostami

Andrei Tarkovsky

Francois Truffaut

Stanley Kubrick

Akira Kurosawa

Kenji Mizoguchi

Luis Bunuel

Robert Flaherty

Gary Cooper

Barbara Stanwyck

Edward G. Robinson

John Wayne

Robert Flaherty

Frederick Wiseman

Les Blank

Werner Herzog

Federico Fellini

Ingmar Bergman

Martin Scorcese