BRIEF 1 v4 “Why do I study the history of multimedia?”

What is multimedia? (v4)

This is an individual writing assignment that builds on previous writing assignments.

DUE: Monday November 19 Printed

NOTE: Oral expression of first/opening sentence/paragraph is due Wednesday November 14.

50 points


  1. VIEW CHARLES AND RAY EAMES’ A Communication Primer (22 mins)
  2. Critically and self-reflectively integrate your previous essays, “What is multimedia?” and “Why study history?” by writing a new, first-person essay about what you haveI learned from your studies in the history of multimedia
  3. PRINT, 2 pages minimum first draft (re-write will be part of final project)


What have you learned by studying the history of multimedia?  What is meant by revolutions in communication?  Did you build new knowledge?  Have you established a relationship between your essays and your timeline?  Describe that relationship and articulate your understanding of the history of multimedia.  Write about your purpose in studying the history of multimedia (as you have defined it) and describe the knowledge you have personally built in this class.

This essay should be in first person voice. Visit the MCU Writing Center and collaborate with your team members as you seek readers and editorial assistance.  This essay should the best example of your creative writing and scholarly research.

Suggestion: Begin your essay with something like this sentence–“The purpose of this first person essay is (verb) the meaning and history of multimedia.  I have done research, built new knowledge, and reflected upon the meaning of this history.  I have learned X” DEFINE your terms.  COMPARE your terms.  HELP the reader to understand your thoughts.  Re-read and re-write and re-read again.  Then, it’s OK to draw conclusions.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Prof. Anthony Collins