Computers/networks, Internet and Globablization

  1. Early Computers
  2. The Personal Computer
  3. The GUI
  4. Desktop Publishing
  5. CD-ROM’s

Neil Postman on Cyberspace 11 mins

Neil Postman The Surrender of Culture to Technology 50 mins

History of Computers-A Timeline 4 mins

The History of Computers Documentary 2018 45 mins

History of the Internet 54 mins

Ch 9 Television

Ch 10 Computers

Ch 11 History of Networks

Ch 12 Global Culture and the Future of Media

Charles Babbage

How undersea cables carry the internet

Undersea cabling (3 mins)

  1. Origins of the Internet
  2. The World Wide Web
  3. Multimedia Websites
  4. Internet Technologies
  5. Social Media
  6. Emerging Media


Who is Marshall McLuhan? (4 minutes)

Talking Tech with Elon Musk 20 minutes