Print: Gutenberg and Beyond


History of Papermaking 20 mins

Printing 101 4 minutes

Movable Typeset 3 minutes

Gutenberg Printing Press 3 minutes

Life of Gutenberg 4 mins

Pawn Stars: A leaf of the Gutenberg Bible 7 mins

How a Gutenberg Printing Press Works 5 minutes

The power of print and its affect on the church 6 minutes

Discovering Gutenberg’s Printing Process LECTURE

Printing Revolution 9mins

The 17th Century 23 minutes

William Blake’s Printing Process 8 mins.

Artworks of William Blake (with Beethoven’s Ninth mvt 4) 24 minutes

Ben Franklin Printing Press Demo 4 mins

Benjamin Franklin, Wordsmith 39 mins (first 15.00)

Benjamin Franklin Documentary 91 mins (first 16 mins to the Junto to songs 18.20)

Benjamin Franklin for Children (3 mins)

Now and Ben (9 mins)

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense 3.30

Power of the Press in the American Revolution 90 minutes

The story of newspapers 3 mins

Newspapers 53 minutes

The Penny Press 3 mins

Blood and Ink: Hearst and Pulitzer 10 mins

Hearst v Pulitzer (72 mins)


3D printing revolution 7 mins



Points of Consideration 1 Printing

Points of Consideration 2 Printing

Group Project 1