POC 1 Printing 1

Points of Consideration 01

25 points

Reading: Revolutions in Communication, pp.17-105

Using the text and online resources, respond briefly to each question and briefly define each vocabulary term. Perfectly follow these guidelines for your written paper.  Print and post and bring to class on due date.


What factors came together at the right moment in Medieval Europe to make possible the Gutenberg Press?

What were some of the major effects of the fifteenth century’s print revolution?

How did the spread of print enable the growth and standardization of national vernacular languages?

What were some of the new sects that emerged after the Reformation?

How did religious intolerance lead to a century of wars and the persecution of astronomers?

Explain how Freedom of the Press considered a “first freedom.”



Pauper Press

Martin Luther and 95 Theses


Protestant Reformation

Scientific Revolution

Gutenberg Revolution


Partisan Press

Logographic language

Roman Type