BRIEF 1 v2 and v3 What is Multimedia?

Week 2 Wednesday September 5

Assigned Reading: Revolution in Communications Pp. 17-66

BRIEF 1 v1 Due today

BRIEF 1 v2 Due Monday September 10

1) Listen and take notes from “what is multimedia.” Also consider the other sources for the term, multimedia.


2) Briefly respond to each question with your own words. Follow the guidelines for a research paper.


In your own words (verbal and written), what is YOUR definition of multimedia? What is multimedia? 300 words


How do you plan or imagine yourself using multimedia in your future? 300 words


What do you want to learn and do in this class? 300 words


Print and staple both v1 and v2. Staple and bring to class (early versions on bottom)\

Due Monday September 10.

Upon approval of v2, you will SCAN document, make PDF file, and upload it to your WP Site

Assigned Reading: Revolution in Communications Pp. 17-66, I

nca Mailmen and Quipu

WordPress Website Due


POC 1 Points of Consideration 01,

25 points (printed, due in class Wednesday 09.12)

Screenings and Discussion

Pre-Printing and the Arts