Brief 1 v1 What is multimedia?

BRIEF 1 v1 Due September 5

Assigned Reading: Revolution in Communications Pp. 17-66

1) Take notes from the (Telugu) video titled, “what is multimedia pt 1 and pt 2.” Also consider the other multimedia works on the website.  Use your notes and apply your multimedia skills to improve the presentation of the information from your notes.  Use your notes to produce a visual document about the question.  In addidtion, be able to verbally describe your response to the question, “what is multimedia?”

2) Briefly respond to each question in your own words. Follow the guidelines for a paper.


What is multimedia? In your own words (verbal and written), what is YOUR definition of multimedia?


How do you plan or imagine yourself using multimedia in your future?


What do you want to learn and do in this class?

Definition 1 MULTIMEDIA

Definition 2 MULTIMEDIA

Definition 3 MULTIMEDIA


What is multimedia pt 1 (Telugu) 7 mins

What is multimedia pt 2 (Telugu) 5 mins

What is multimedia (animation) 2 mins

What is multimedia (animation) 1.5 mins

What is multimedia (with music) 6 mins

What is multimedia (with music) 5 mins

What is multimedia (student work) 5 mins