POC 8 Advertising and PR

Points of Consideration 8

25 points (printed and due in class) 

Read Revolutions in Communication pp. 17-66

Respond briefly to each question. Briefly define each vocabulary term. Perfectly follow these guidelines for a written paper.

What were the four roles that advertising agencies played in the 19th century?

How symbols did Samuel Adams use to sway public opinion in the eighteenth century towards the movement for independence from the British crown?

How was the “war of the currents” in the late 19th c. a war of public opinion?

How did public relations respond to the muckraking exposes of the early 20th century?

Why did Texaco sponsor the radio broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera concerts in the 1940s?

Compare the corporate responses to two crises described by Kovarik? Which company did a “better” job?

Why have advertising agencies consolidated into a very small number of agencies that dominate the market?

How is advertising regulated in the United States?

Terms: Advertising and Public Relations


Advertising Standard Authority

J. Walter Thompson


liberty torches

behavioral targeting

patent medicines

Committee for Public Information

public opinion

four-minute men

sandwich man

Google AdWords