BRIEF 8 Chaplin and The Great Dictator

BRIEF 8 Chaplin and the The Great Dictator

DUE: Monday October 29 2 pages (about 800 words), proper format. Print and Post. 50 points.

REQUIREMENTS: 4-5 hours total, including viewing. 1-2 additional hours for rewriting, if necessary. This is an individual project, not necessarily a group assignment. You are writing about your individual response to the film in this assignment. Feel free to visit the Writing Center for additional help.


VIEW: The Great Dictator (full movie)

NOTE: You are to dedicate 2 hrs 6 mins to watching the film in its entirety, without a break. Turn up the audio volume. Turn off other devices.

ASSIGNMENT: You are to write a personal essay in response to a full viewing of The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin, and in response to the following questions.


What is the film’s story, including the timing of its production?

What is the purpose of Chaplin’s film?

Why did Chaplin make this film?

What is Chaplin communicating to you in this film?

How is the story satirical and ironic?

What is the significance of the film’s ending?

Describe the most memorable scenes in the film, from your POV.

Discuss your feelings and thoughts after viewing the entire film, The Great Dictator.

What is Satire?

Definition: Satire is a literary term and form of rhetoric that uses various devices to expose flaws, critique society, and ridicule politics. Such devices include humor, irony, and exaggeration.

What is Irony?

Definition: Irony conveys a difference between how things seem to be and the reality. As a literary technique it is used when a certain outcome is revealed, but is not what readers were expecting or hoping for. Irony can be difficult to define; it’s often subjective and depends on the audience’s expectations.