BRIEF 7: Why study history?

DUE: Your work should be accessible on your websites and presented in class on Wednesday October 24 (the next date for group presentations).

PROJECT: Why should we study history?

In this project your group will build subjective context for your timeline.

There are two assignments.

ASSIGNMENT 1: Respond to the question, “why study history?’ Your group’s response can be an introduction or a conclusion or be within the project’s body. Your response should be included in your timeline in one or more ways. It can be audio voice-over, or a video, animated sequence with text and audio, but your spoken and written words must respond to the question, why study history?

Your group has to decide what you intend to express in response to the question.

Here is a sampling of some responses to the question, why study history?

History helps us to understand change and helps us to inquire about society we live in, and how it came to be. History helps us understand the past as we move into the future. History is our guide for the future. Studying history gives us a deeper understanding of our past experiences, so that we learn from the great achievements and avoid the horrific mistakes. The main reason behind our study history is to ensure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes as our forefathers. History repeats itself.

ASSIGNMENT 2: As in #1 above, respond to the question, “what is multimedia?”  Build a voice over or other way to convey your thoughts and knowledge.