BRIEF 4 Active Listening

NOTE This is an individual and group project.

Active Listening: Note-taking and audio transcription

Recommended activity: Listening to the Doing History podcast in its entirety (about 85 minutes) about the effect of printing on the American Revolution.

Individual and Group assignment

  1. Listen actively to the first 30 minutes of the podcast (LINK) .
  2. Take notes about the program’s content, style and production, AND
  3. precisely transcribe the portions where PROF. JOE ADELMAN asks the interviewee guest on the phone.
  4. Properly prepare a list of Adelman’s questions for printing and submission on SEPTEMBER 19.  Post or link a PDF on your individual blog.
  5. Integrate your response to Prof. Adelman’s questions within your Digital Timeline.

We will discuss any questions you might have about his project in class on Monday.